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Stay By The Stuff 2023

We invite you to join us for our 2023 Stay By The Stuff Campmeeting! This is the third iteration of this meeting, and per the Lord’s direction, this year we’re beginning Thursday night for a total of four days. We’ve invited Bro. Mark Wesley, pastor of Bible Baptist Church in Durant, Oklahoma and Bro. Joe Coley, pastor of Mercy Bible Baptist Church down in Childersburg, Alabama to preach, as well as many other preachers and friends. Sound Doctrine from Oxford, Michigan will be returning to sing this year and we’re looking forward to a time of great fellowship in the Lord!

If you’d like more information, please give our pastor, Bro. Johnny Clardy a call at either 931-993-0267 or 931-433-5808.


service times

Thursday & Friday – 6:30PM
Saturday – 9:30AM & 6:30PM
Sunday – 10:00AM